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We Are Rd Sali, A Wellness Agenncy

Rdsali Nutrition is a wellness agency with one mission – making healthy eating less confusing, African friendly and easily accessible.

With the help of our Dietitians, we help you take charge of your health and body! We work together with you to simplify and tailor your diet to suit your current health goal.

No more stressing about how to eat healthy! Tell us your health desire and together we will help you achieve it. Be it weight loss, weight gain or medical nutrition ….your dietitian is only a click away.

How may we assist you?

Healthy Eating

Weight management or Clean Eating

Medical Nutrition Support

Want To Manage My Medical Condition With Diet-Therapy.

Nutrition Education for Communities or Organizations.

I Want To Educate My Group On Healthy Eating.
Meet Sali, Our Chief Dietitian

Welcome to Rd Sali Nutrition!

Hi there! I’m Sali, your guide at RDSALI Nutrition.

As a Registered Dietitian and founder, my mission is simple: to make healthy eating accessible and enjoyable.

No restrictive diets—just genuine guidance for a healthier, happier you. Join us often, and let’s redefine your relationship with food together!


Welcome to the 'Junk-Free Challenge,' a transformative 8-week healthy lifestyle initiative. Embrace one simple rule: NO JUNK FOOD FOR 2 MONTHS. With RdSali's monthly meal plans, we've got your journey covered—guiding you on what to eat and avoid. Access workout videos for added support. Everything is meticulously mapped out, from meal times and quantities to cheat day options and snacks. Let's make the next 8 weeks your healthiest yet!