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Remember the health plans you made earlier this year?
Yes, your “New Year New Me” healthy resolutions.
Remember now? … It’s about time we start working on it.

Here are a few simple but important things you need to get fit and healthy before the year ends.

1. Find the right Motivation

We all need that one reason to keep going when healthy eating gets tough.

Cravings will set in, laziness might take over, and friends might make fun of you. Despite these challenges, hold on to that strong reason that led you to start. Don’t do it for trends or social media likes. Do it because you care about yourself!

2. Plan your meals

Every successful project needs a good plan, and a healthy lifestyle is no different. It requires 70% good nutrition and 30% fitness.

No, it’s not enough to follow what others are posting on social media simply because we are different humans, with different body requirements.

So if you are serious about this and ready to get your health/nutrition game on, then speak to a dietitian, get your body composition measured, and get a diet plan (with specific foods, meal times, and quantities tailored to your needs)

3. Use partitioned plates/bowls

Portion control is key to any successful diet plan.
Ever heard of the Healthy Plate? It is a visual guide to controlling your portion sizes. Use a partitioned plate with sections for different food groups. If you can’t find one, simply aim to serve your meals according to this method.

4. Make a Shopping list

Planned or unplanned, we all shop for food. The first step to eating healthy is buying the right ingredients. Know what you need before heading to the market to avoid unhealthy temptations. 
Click here for a FREE healthy shopping list

So there you have it a simple starter pack for getting your healthy eating journey back on track!

Let us know in the comment section if you plan to try any of these!

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